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Get all the answers for 

stress eating,

emotional eating,

food addiction, and


This is a very real,

very necessary

9-part Emotional Eating Summit that includes


expert interviews

from health experts, coaches, doctors, real-life stories, and emotional eating experts

so that you can

end the confusion,

stop the shame,

stop the blame game,

and finally heal.


Join Errin Smith and leading experts on Emotional Eating as we uncover what you are REALLY craving, make peace with food, and ultimately 

make peace with yourself.


Stress eating, emotional eating, cravings, and 

food addictions – it’s everywhere.

We are slaves to our cravings.

Not because we lack willpower but because no one is talking about the real answers that have been hidden from us.

Until now.

What We Crave is intended to be a bright light that shines some serious truth on this epidemic of eating so that all of us can say …

“I get it now.”

So that we can break up with the shame,

break up with the patterns,

break up with the pain,

for good.

It has nothing to do with willpower.

We are craving something much deeper.

I have struggled with this for most of my life, and have been obsessed to find the answers…

because I want us all to be free so that we can truly LIVE.

This is for you.

Now you can watch all 50+ expert interviews any time you want, on your own schedule.

… for less than $1.58 per interview!

What We Crave uncovers

the root cause  

of cravings,

stress eating, and

food addiction.

(And these answers are not found in mainstream media)

It’s not about the diet or the exercise.

Until you deal with the stuff in your mind, you will never get to your goals.

We show you how to break up with your food problems,

take your power back, and

create lasting change.

It’s actually so much easier than we have been led to believe.

Just watch, listen, and repeat.

Did you know…

When you expose yourself to information over and over again, your brain starts to rewire itself?

Research actually proves it.

Just by exposing yourself to

new minds,

new interviews, and

new information

over and over again

your brain starts to rewire itself.


You will notice differences in:

– The choices you make

– The food you eat

– How you love yourself

– How often you eat

– What you think about food

– Your looks

– Your weight

– Your mood and attitude

– Your cravings

– Your trigger

– Your ability to pause before reaching for food

What We Crave is all about giving you as many 

“light bulb moments”

as possible.

You’ll discover things like:

– How to disrupt the “eff it” moment and take your power back

– The simplest techniques to get out of anxiety

– The miracle of minerals and how they affect cravings

– How hidden toxins sabotage your willpower and how to fix it

– How to release trapped emotions that are driving your cravings

– Amazing supplements that lower your stress levels instantly

– The one thing at the root of all weight loss

We have all the resources you need to

get unstuck and

find the transformation 

you’ve been craving.

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Mindy Pelz Quick Start Ketobiotic Course

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Dr. Pompa Cellular Healing Diet Menu & Meal Plan

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Dr. Dan Pompa’s Toxic Top 10

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Josh Trent M-21 The Calm Mind Guide

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Florence Christophers EFT Guide

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Shawn Wells The Hidden Truths About Sugar

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Shaw Wells Top Ten Recommended Supplements



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